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Chronic Fatigue

5 Brilliant Ways to Deal with Chronic Fatigue

5 Brilliant Ways to Deal with Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is an illness characterized by extreme tiredness, lasting for six months or a year. Unfortunately, underlying medical conditions can’t explain the illness. As a matter of fact, this condition’s principal challenge is that it’s impossible to diagnose using laboratory tests. However, some experts believe that it is closely associated with system-wide inflammation or

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SharePoint Healthcare Solutions

Need better communication among staff in your hospital or health clinic? IT guru MARCUS DERVIN from WebVine writes about how intranet system SharePoint can help improve the collaboration and manage information in the healthcare environment … SharePoint is applied in almost every developed industry on the planet, and healthcare is no exception. Hospitals and medical

Scissors and vasectomy

Myths and Truths About Vasectomy

Mention the word vasectomy to a group of men and instantly make them cringe. In spite of its popularity, vasectomy remains a subject feared by most men. Understandable though as misconceptions are circulated around and somehow believed to be true  by others. Vasectomy or male sterilization is a surgical procedure used as a permanent form