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phone sex operator safe sex work

Phone Sex Operators: Safe Sex Industry Work?

Phone Sex Operators: Safe Sex Industry Work?

Phone sex operators are classified as sex workers, but it’s pretty much the safest sex industry job around. Phone sex is primarily a conversation over the phone so there’s absolutely no physical contact. PSO (phone sex operators) do not have to take their clothes off to fulfil anyone’s sexual fantasies. All they need is a

hearing loss music lovers

Hearing Protection Tips for Music Lovers

If you’re into your music in a serious way and are unaware of the risks of noise-induced hearing loss, then seeing your favourite band or DJ may already be putting your ears at risk. As a general rule, listening to sounds over 85dB, can damage your hearing. So what does 85dB sound like? Well, the

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SharePoint Healthcare Solutions

Need better communication among staff in your hospital or health clinic? IT guru MARCUS DERVIN from WebVine writes about how intranet system SharePoint can help improve the collaboration and manage information in the healthcare environment … SharePoint is applied in almost every developed industry on the planet, and healthcare is no exception. Hospitals and medical