Indeed, it is the dream of every girl to walk down the aisle towards the altar where her knight in shining armour and the promise of eternity are waiting. Equal to that vision, you want to be able to fit into your wedding dress. The word surreal will be uttered more often from the moment the question ‘will you marry me’ pops out until the dazzling and delicately chosen engagement ring is worn shamelessly and showcased to every person on all occasions. 

Suddenly here comes the wedding planning. 

Planning for a perfect wedding is really exciting! Of course, it’s your most awaited day so you want to be hands-on with the planning process while juggling to meet your work deadlines, cherishing moments with your family (because we know it’ll never be the same again when you’re hitched!), enjoying your little time left being single, nourishing your relationship with your now-called fiancé (ladies, please don’t forget this!), attending despedida de soltera organised by everyone close to your heart, and the list goes on. Being engaged is a heavenly feeling but it can also be daunting. All thanks to professional wedding coordinators, your needs are well taken care of. Apart from giving the go signals to your trusted wedding coordinator, the only job left for you to do is to find your dream wedding dress and insure you fit into it right on your perfect day. 

As a guide to your planning, is kind enough to share a 12-month ultimate wedding checklist. You will notice that buying the wedding dress is a step on the 9th month before the wedding day, which means you will have to go through 9 months of keeping your body in shape in order to fit into your dream wedding dress on the final fitting day a week before and of course on your big day itself. 

Because of the many commitments you juggle together, becoming a soon-to-be bride title holder can be overwhelming and may take a toll on your health. This is why it should be given the highest priority not only for the one-day ceremony, but for the future wife and mother who will be you. Fitting into your wedding dress doesn’t always mean losing weight, it’s projecting that perfect glow which will complement every detail of the dress. 

Below are some of the pointers we have researched to help you perfectly and beautifully fit into your wedding dress the healthy way:

Get enough sleep! Remarkably, sleep is essential for keeping your body healthy and low on stress – which means less binge eating. Sleep is actually one of the best weight loss activities you can indulge in.

Cut out the carbohydrates. How many times are you gonna hear this in your life? No pasta, no noodles, no bread, no cakes, no cheesecake.

Go easy on the ice-creams and dairy in general – but still have some. You can fit into your wedding dress while still indulging in your favourite foods.

Don’t overdo the exercise, it will make you sick. Yes to yoga, yes to tennis, and especially yes to swimming.

Seek out regular healing activities such as having a massage, or visiting a women’s health clinic to have yourself checked over – no point in unwittingly having something which can sabotage your happiness.

And a key thing – whatever you do, don’t forget to nurture the being, the soul, the spirit you’re marrying. Your partner should not become a trophy, an object, a cut out – ensure you keep healing your soul and your partner’s soul also. There’s a lot of stress in our modern lifestyle especially with Covid and conspiracy theories dominating our social lives. If you nurture your partner as much as you can, you’ll find your overall spiritual health is better, and therefore becoming united with your perfect wedding dress will seem all the more easy.

We wish you all the best!