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Female Electricians

Female Tradies: Inspiring Women Electricians, Plumbers in Australia

Finally, things are changing in some of the most male dominated spaces in Australia. Tradies and the building industry have traditionally contained blokes, blokes and more blokes. This clique has been an exclusive and often brutal club, where only meat heads in utes need apply. The days of the porno calendars in the workroom and

Womens Health Clinics

12 Sexual Health Clinics You Hope You Don’t Have To Visit

A huge number of individuals prefer not to be admitted in hospitals as much as possible. The reason behind this is due to the increase of hospital cost making it a struggle to find the appropriate treatment for their condition. Regular checkups however, are much leaned upon as this greatly helps avoid the development of



Importance of Explaining Puberty and Periods

Parents recognise the importance of explaining puberty and periods to their kids. It can be hard. And a little daunting at times. It becomes downright frightening when dealing with your own children. Most parents at some point dreads the day of ‘the talk’. They would like to put it off as far back as possible.


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SharePoint Healthcare Solutions

Need better communication among staff in your hospital or health clinic? IT guru MARCUS DERVIN from WebVine writes about how intranet system SharePoint can help improve the collaboration and manage information in the healthcare environment… SharePoint is applied in almost every developed industry on the planet, and healthcare is no exception. Hospitals and Medical clinics

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Dentist Are Still Busy Despite Coronavirus

Dentists around the globe are a worried lot because of their place of work literally speaking-the mouth. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic spreading around the globe like bush fires, parents are still turning up their children’s braces appointments and other walk in appointments. COVID-19 is a new infectious disease that is affecting the respiratory system.


Hormone Imbalance

Listen to My Hormone Imbalance

As a dyspeptic teenager I once wrote a song with the line in it, “listen to my whore moan” and made much homonym hype about hormones in the same song. Needless to say, it still remains one of the great undiscovered rock ballads of the late twentieth century. The truth is that we still do