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Educating Girls About Womens’ Health in the Digital Age

Health is a concern we all should take a look at. Just because we are young now is not enough reason to take our health for granted. With the technology available to us, it should naturally follow that we live longer, be healthier, have more arsenal available to combat old diseases and hope we don’t

Womens Health Clinics

12 Sexual Health Clinics You Hope You Don’t Have To Visit

A huge number of individuals prefer not to be admitted in hospitals as much as possible. The reason behind this is due to the increase of hospital cost making it a struggle to find the appropriate treatment for their condition. Regular checkups however, are much leaned upon as this greatly helps avoid the development of


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Women’s Clinic on Richmond Hill

The Women’s Clinic on Richmond Hill provides excellence and safety in women’s healthcare. The Women’s Clinic provides confidential services exclusively for women. Services include: Family planning and contraception Pregnancy termination (abortion) Sexual health maintenance Confidential pregnancy counselling and relationship support General practice women’s health 24 hour Doctor phone contact number provided to patients pre and post-op. They operate at


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SharePoint Healthcare Solutions

Need better communication among staff in your hospital or health clinic? IT guru MARCUS DERVIN from WebVine writes about how intranet system SharePoint can help improve the collaboration and manage information in the healthcare environment… SharePoint is applied in almost every developed industry on the planet, and healthcare is no exception. Hospitals and Medical clinics

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Why cost shouldn’t stop you from going for an Invisalign dental treatment

Invisalign are uniquely designed, clear aligners which are used in the adjustment of patient’s dental structures. They act as an alternative for the conventional braces, and their discrete nature is an advantage because they cannot be easily seen unlike the braces however the cost of Invisalign in expensive cities like Melbourne makes them less accessible


Listen to My Hormone Imbalance

As a dyspeptic teenager I once wrote a song with the line in it, “listen to my whore moan” and made much homonym hype about hormones in the same song. Needless to say, it still remains one of the great undiscovered rock ballads of the late twentieth century. The truth is that we still do