Women’s fitness greatly differs from men’s fitness so achieving the desired fitness level requires a different approach. Learn more about how personal training can help women to attain high levels of fitness and health. LOURDES LAPSO explores female specific aspects that need to be taken into consideration if you’re planning to lose weight or simply want to get in shape.

1.       Body Structure – Bone structure of men and women are different. Men have broader shoulders and narrow hips while women have broader hips and narrow shoulder. Because of the differences in the distribution of muscle mass women will develop problem areas different from those of men. Normally women have trouble toning thighs and men toning the lower legs.

2.       Body fat – Women have more body fat compared to men. Women have more subcutaneous fat while men tend to have more visceral fat.

3.       Hormones – Testosterone and estrogen give men and women their characteristic shapes. Estrogen a female hormone increases fat storage in the women’s body. Generally women store fat in buttocks, hips and thighs due to effect of estrogen, while men store fat around the belly area. Hormonal differences in men and women affect the results of exercise, even when doing the same exercises.

4.       Metabolism – Women differ from men in the fitness world because of metabolism. Men burn more calories even when sitting still than women, so men lose more weight with less exercise.

5.       Menstruation – There is no loss in the performance capacity of women during menstruation yet menstruation may stop during periods of strenuous and prolonged training. The female menstrual cycle is not well addressed in fitness; training loads should be reduced between the first day of menstruation and the last 3 days.

6.       Nutritional Needs – Women need fewer calories and protein than men. Women of childbearing age need more of some nutrients like iron and folate than men.

7.       Exercise selection and rest periods – women have different exercise needs than men. When training women to lose body fat one need to factor in considerably lower rest periods and higher tension times.

8.       Fitness Goals – Women’s fitness goal normally is to lose weight and body fat and look small and slender , while men’s goal is to add more muscle mass to get big and bulky.

Personal training for women provides an exercise plan that considers these female specific aspects so that women can gain just as much health and fitness benefits from exercise as men. With a personal training exercise plan you will know what exercises you should be doing for the best results.

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