Are you planning an outback touring in this pandemic? Oh yes! A road trip teaches you something important for your medical health. That the universe is huge and it thrives without any care for human headlines.

As the orders on lockdowns end, women will get out of their heads into their cars. With the easing of isolation recommendations, the number of road travelers will increase. And for females, travel should have mind, body, and spirit aspects to be successful.

Outback touring in 2021 isn’t like any other. It requires a lot of planning and patience. Not for your health only but to also protect others. Therefore, you may need to observe a few simple rules. Don’t worry! The road scenery is the same.

  1. Take Care of Your Vehicle

Make an effort to stay ahead of your vehicle maintenance as needed. How do you do this? By taking your vehicle for servicing before and after long drives. Change the oil, keep the battery in shape, and regularly change the oil as needed. Also, don’t go below half-tank and check your tires.

All this prioritizes your safety even before you hit the road.

  1. Seek Help and Stay in The Car

Yes, you may be careful, but nothing prevents your car from breaking down. If this happens, lock the doors, roll up your windows, and call for help. Have a reliable person who you can contact to come through for you should you get into trouble. Your insurance package should come with 24-hour roadside assistance.

Yes, the premiums will be high, but the peace of mind you get outweighs the monetary gains. Regardless, unless it’s on fire or sinking, stay in your car.

  1. Drive Carefully

Seems like standard advice, but these aren’t normal times. The highways don’t have much traffic. These conditions bring the worst in drivers who think they don’t have to follow all the traffic rules.

Therefore, preserve your sanity and keep the ambulances working on important tasks like evacuating covid-19 patients. Don’t exceed the legal speed limit and ensure there’s enough distance between you and other road users. Further, make sure that the health insurance is within reach. In case of an accident, the emergency responders should find proof of your medical coverage.

  1. Help Others

Yes, you can use your vehicle to help others. But how?

Well, people in rural areas don’t have the luxury of getting quality healthcare services. Unlike their rural counterparts, they can’t get access to professional doctors with ease. Therefore, most of these people turn to traditional remedies which aren’t always effective.

Early detection of diseases helps dentists and doctors to treat them early before there’s more damage. And yes even in rural locations, a woman still wants reasonable access to dentists and doctors for preventative care and treatment.

The use of mobile clinics works magic to ensure people get access to quality healthcare.


In the past, driving was a masculine thing. But not anymore! Women are proving effective at breaking these stereotypes.