Educating girls about women’s health in the digital age is a concern we all should take a look at. Just because we are young now is not enough reason to take our health for granted. With the technology available to us, it should naturally follow that we live longer, be healthier, have more arsenal available to combat old diseases and hope we don’t get new ones.

But with the march of technology, it is becoming apparent that the mediums we use to fight it can both be a blessing and a curse. It is used to resurrect the old scares about health. Eradicating diseases and the means we take to maintain our health has come back with a vengeance. Because of the influence of social media, any odd incident with vaccination can get blown out of proportion. This is a risk the future of our children because parents are opting not to vaccinate their children.

Putting these sort of plots and themes on to the big screen does not help matters any. Women’s health in the digital age becomes a spectacle. Nowadays, some people mistake fiction for truth. They even cite them in some cases as if a zombie apocalypse have taken place before. What happened in this case is a rise in people refusing vaccination and resulted now in a steady increase in cases of measles, flu and a resurgence in diseases that were thought to have been eradicated. There is a need to improve on professional development of teachers in using film and media digital technologies responsibly. This is so they could teach the children what they learn. A little history lesson and possibly a trip to the local cemetery can bring light to their clouded thinking.


Any healthcare expert will tell you that a girl’s vaccination now can mean her children can have better future immunisation from the disease she was vaccinated against. This is why family medical history is important. This is an old battle and it looks like we are slowly losing. And we have to contend still with new worries such as the physical and psychological effects of too much screen time and possibility of brain cancer because of radiation from mobile phones.

We are free thinkers and thinking is always encouraged. But there is a reason why there are less children being buried after vaccination was introduced. Let us not be scared of a cinematic monster we ourselves digitally made.