Crows Nest was awarded as the Most Liveable Suburb in Sydney by Urban Living Index based on 5 categories: affordability, community, employability, amenity, and accessibility. Affordability category talks of the financial aspect that includes home cost, rental, cost population, and household income. Community category is the social aspect in which the diversity and dynamism of the society is evaluated. Employability category is about employment and employing businesses. Amenity category covers leisure, shopping and dining (oh, how could we ever forget about the best cafe in Crows Nest?). Lastly, Accessibility category is about access and transportation.

We could not agree more on the five categories set out in the Urban Living Index; however, we believe that the availability of leafy health clinics is also one of the factors that makes Crows Nest liveable. The benefit of having health clinics conveniently situated in the vicinity of your home is very comforting. So, we’ve mentioned below five health clinics that are strategically placed in Crows Nest.


1. Oralux Dental
Your smile can conquer the world, they say. So there is no better time to take care of your smile and teeth than now. Oralux Dental, a proud member of Australia Dental Association (ADA), started serving the community in 2013. They believe that dental health is vital to the entire family, which is why their dental practitioners use only the latest technology and best treatment along with compassionate care to make their patients feel assured that they are in good hands. They are honoured that their customers chose them, and it is their mission to provide them with the best possible treatment.

Visit Oralux Dental at Shop 4/11-15 Falcon Street, Crows Nest, NSW, 2065. Set an appointment now by calling (02) 8074 1547 or emailing Also, check their website at for more details.


2. Crows Nest Cosmetic & Vein Clinic
The Crows Nest Cosmetic & Vein Clinic is an experienced team of professionals who has ensured patient safety and compliance with rigorous monitoring of all aspects of the clinic’s performance since 1998. Their mission is to improve the body image and self-esteem of their patients through the use of surgical and medical procedures. To be ahead of the curve when it comes to evaluating and implementing new techniques and concepts, their doctors regularly attend overseas and Australian meetings.

Crows Nest Cosmetic & Vein Clinic is located at L1/10-12 Clarke Street, Crows Nest, NSW, 2065. For enquiries, contact them at (02) 9906 1555 or


3. Nature Care Wholistic and Medical Centre
The aim of Nature Care Wholistic and Medical Centre was to provide a variety of therapies to support and assist the body in using its own built in and natural healing systems to create health and wellbeing. With its committed professionals, Nature Care Wholistic and Medical Centre is able to provide insight and feedback, allowing constant evolution of treatment options for their clients. The therapies include General Medical Practice, Chinese Medicine, and Herbal Medicine among others.

Nature Care Wholistic and Medical Centre is located at 114 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, NSW, 2065. Contact them at (02) 9966 8666 or



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4. Crows Nest Spine and Health
Poor body posture not only affects one’s level of confidence and motivation, but can also lead to a variety of health problems. That’s why Crows Nest Spine and Health believe that they must raise awareness of the importance of a healthy spine and, in doing so, provide the highest quality of chiropractic care that benefits all of their clients.

Crows Nest Spine and Health is located at Level 2, 378 Pacific Hwy, Crows Nest, NSW, 2065. Book an examination at (02) 9460 8459 or


5. The Clinical Psychology Centre
The Clinical Psychology Centre services and hleps the North Shore community by offering thoughtful, comprehensive care and treatment for a wide range of mental health conditions. They strive to empower patients towards their most meaningful and connected lives, which is why they continue to educate themselves on current techniques that could provide their patients with the most beneficial results and provide a variety of treatments.

Visit The Clinical Psychology Centre at Level 1, 59-61 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest, NSW, 2065 or call them at 02 9906 5199.

So, what else to ask for when Crows Nest got ‘em all?