Women’s Health Problems In Rural Australia

The Department of Health is aware of the fact that Australians living in rural areas face issues that require a special attention. Health care in those areas is not as strong as it should be, although there are clinics providing a wide range of medical services such as illness and injury prevention, community nursing, podiatry, radiology, mental health or immunisation. When it comes to women living is rural areas, specific health issues arise, as these women are exposed to higher risks of developing back problems or gynecological affections because of working the fields, many times having to bounce up and down on tractors for many hours, activity which may deteriorate their health.

Tractors, unlike other vehicles, are not built for comfort, but for doing their job properly, therefore their shock absorbers are not the most effective ever. Besides, when working in agriculture, you can’t expect fields to be even, so tractor drivers are exposed to a lot of bouncing and vibrations, no matter how modern their vehicle may be. Permanent exposure to vibrations may affect the kidneys and sometimes the ovaries, thus making individuals that drive them need special medical attention.

Luckily, there are many good women’s health clinics all over Australia, even in remote areas, therefore medial care is widely available, services offered including the most sought after specialties, as well as general health and wellness. There’s also a Governmental program that aims at establishing 30 Regional Health Service Centers in rural areas across Australia. While they are catered to the rural population in general, they are going to have dedicated medical specialties for women’s health, everything needed for this category of population to be well catered for.

Moreover, other special programs will address specialists and nurses, in order to offer them an incentive and a good motivation to determine them want to live and work in those rural areas. Life is not so easy in these communities, therefore good specialists may prefer to live in big cities and other urban areas where they have all the amenities they need, good schools for their children, easy access to everything and a comfortable lifestyle.

The idea of the Australian Government is to encourage rural medical students and assist them through their studies, so that they are motivated to stay in their communities and become local doctors there, for all those women, men, children and elderly people who also need assistance and good access to medical services of all kind. This will be good for workers in agriculture, for women especially, who need access to women’s health clinics where they can discuss with professionals about the specific female conditions and medical care measures and preventative screenings. Farm vehicles such as tractors and other field working machines aren’t going to become more comfortable any sooner, therefore the society should adapt to these harsh working conditions and provide all the special care for these workers who help feeding us all and keeping Australia flourishing and well kept, despite the climate which is not always in favour of human life.

Women’s Health Clinics In Rural Australia

When looking for women’s health clinic options in Australia, you want to make sure that you are comfortable and cared for.

W.I.L.M.A Women’s Health Centre located on 6 Bugden Place in Campbelltown 2560 offers counselling, acupuncture and much more. Call them at 02 4627 2955 to find out more about groups, therapy and treatment.

Wagga Women’s Health Centre Inc. located on 92 Morgan Street in Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 offers counselling services along with reiki and yoga. Contact them by calling 02 6921 3333 to make an appointment or find out more.

Blue Mountains Women’s Health Centre is located on 124 Lurline Street in Katoomba NSW 2780 and has a full list of counselling, medical service and even advocacy. Call 02 4782 5133 for further information on all services available.