There are a number of challenges faced by single parents. Even if you have a good job with a steady wage, the absence of additional financial support can make things difficult. Raising a child can be a full time job in itself. Although it can very rewarding, it is no doubt difficult to bear the costs associated with bringing up children by yourself.

If you have young children and are trying to work as well, you may have to pay for day-care so that you can complete your work without being disturbed. Research shows that many single parents work two jobs with inflexible shifts. The last thing you want after working so hard is to face financial problems.
The worst part of this situation is that banks can sometimes be reluctant to give loans to single parents. In their view, single mothers are risky prospects. So, in dire financial circumstances, you might not be able to secure the finance you need.
So, what can you do in such a situation? For single parents who are in financial difficulty, approaching an alternative lending company may be a good option. Alternative lenders can have a range of financial products designed to help people in financial hardship. Below we list three types of loans which could help single parents in financial strife.
Self-Employed Loans
As a single parent, it can sometimes be more convenient for you to work from home. This way, you will have more time to balance your personal and professional duties. You can set up your own small business with a self-employed loan.
Mortgage Refinancing
You may be able to save money and release equity in your house if you refinance your mortgage. Refinancing can help you find a better interest rate than the one currently applied to your property. Through discovering a lower interest rate and refinancing your home loan, you could save thousands of dollars. The best part of the process is that there are companies that can help you complete a home loan check. Ask a professional lender for help and they will find you the best options in the market.

Bad Credit Loans
Personal loans can still be available to you even if you have accumulated a bad credit rating. Through bad credit loans, you can get the finance you need. Whether you need to deal with a cash crunch or need money to purchase a new car, you can apply for bad credit loans and get the finance you need quickly.
These alternative financial options can be life-saving for single parents, allowing you access to finance when you need it most.


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