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Educating Girls About Womens’ Health in the Digital Age

Educating Girls About Womens’ Health in the Digital Age

Health is a concern we all should take a look at. Just because we are young now is not enough reason to take our health for granted. With the technology available to us, it should naturally follow that we live longer, be healthier, have more arsenal available to combat old diseases and hope we don’t

Financial Solutions for Single Mothers

Life Saving Financial Options for Single Parents

              There are a number of challenges faced by single parents. Even if you have a good job with a steady wage, the absence of additional financial support can make things difficult. Raising a child can be a full time job in itself. Although it can very rewarding, it

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Clinic 66 in Sydney

Catherine Blum interviews Emma Boulton, medical doctor and co-director of Clinic 66 on Sydney’s North Shore about their womens health clinic and the services they provide … What is Clinic 66? What services do you offer? Clinic 66 is a specialised medical practice, in sexual and reproductive health. We offer advice and treatment for anything